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Time according to Bologna (2021)

A novel about young love, dealing with fragmented memories and the capriciousness of time, jealousy, loss and perceptions of sound.

Part of Filip Wallgren died that morning at the train station in Bologna. It was a terrorist attack that shook the world, on August 2, 1980. 85 dead and over 200 injured. The journalist Maryam Saatchi works at the Swedish Radio and is asked to look if there could be a Swedish angle to the 40th anniversary of the event. She finds Filip Wallgren.


But there will be no interview with him. A simple and uplifting radio feature about the young Swede who survived the bomb is transformed into something completely different; to a story about love, sorrow, creativity and death. Time According to Bologna is a novel that listens, with attentive ears trying to put together fragments in order to understand.

”Tony Lundman's first novel about Sibelius' mythical Eighth Symphony, and the hunt for it, was almost entertainment of a Stieg Larsson level. Now he is back with a new novel: one of the survivors of the Bologna attack was 23-year-old Filip Wallgren. A page-turner about Philip's Parisian youth and the love story with Chloé who died in the attack. Gripping about young love and love of art music.”

Ida Westin, the magazine Amelia

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