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Svartvitt fotografi. Närbild på man som röker.

Anders Eliasson (2012/2022)

The great Swedish composer Anders Eliasson passed away in 2013, and the first edition of this biography was published a year before that, in 2012. Now, ten years later, this revised edition is published, with new chapters added.


It was  a life in music, unthinkable without the music. There were times when Anders Eliasson (1947–2013) would compose  practically around the clock for months. He was noticed  for a long line of major orchestral works, among them internationally acclaimed symphonies, and he wrote solo concerts and chamber music with the same unmistakable warmth and empathy.


Anders Eliasson's music carries a very own dialect, a personal and sincere standpoint that Eliasson stubbornly cultivated outside of trends in music. What he conveys are alternately icy pain points, nervous restlessness and oasis of tender warmth;  emotional fluctuations that also marked  his life. Anders Eliasson lives through his music, and this biography tells why one should perceive it in that way – literally.


A study that with the help of scores and personal conversations read off and listen in to [Eliasson] as thoroughly imaginable.
-Martin Nyström, Dagens Nyheter


Anders Eliasson is one of our most valuable composers with chamber music, large choral works and orchestral pieces in his work list. Lundman captures the wounded person and his creative path.
– Carlhåkan Larsén, Sydsvenskan


The best biography I have read about a Swedish composer.
– Mikael Strömberg, Aftonbladet


A vivid portrait of a withdrawn composer.
– Henrik Halvarson, Helsingborgs Dagblad


Lundman's "descriptions", accounts, analyzes of specific works are strange – yes, outstanding, say incomparable. In the most easy-to-read prose, he digs deep into the compositions ...
-Bengt Eriksson, Hifi & Music​​​​​

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